Battery Pack

     Limodish is keeping an open mind about the internal cells of the battery pack. Customers can choose our batteries or from other big brands—for example, LG, Panasonic, CATL, etc. Customers choose the battery cells. We can do simple PACK, semi-finished PACK, complete PACK, or even add more functions or customized designs.

The aspects that customers should pay attention to when customizing the lithium battery pack with us are:

Consider the specific application of the specific lithium battery PACK—for example, high temperature, low temperature, vibration, outdoor or indoor. Different application scenarios will have different ways to pack lithium batteries and consider different types of lithium batteries.
1. In the case of high temperature and ask for extra safety, the LIFePO4( lithium iron phosphate battery) type is recommended instead of ternary lithium batteries.
2. For outdoor electric vehicles or electric bicycles, it is necessary to consider the short-circuit problem caused by the welding gyroscope caused by long-term vibration. The recommended PACK requires batteries with screw holes to achieve the purpose of making the end user safer.
3. Materials for passive safety and temperature isolation mode for each battery pack module are also options.

Of course, there are many more topics worthy of our detailed discussion, and please get in touch with us for a better service.
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