Lithium Battery Cell

Lithium battery cells for daily use

If there were a role model among all batteries, it would bear the lithium name. A lithium-ion battery is a gold standard for ensuring stable power delivery with superior charge retention and high voltage capacity to power electronic devices. It can also be optimized at the manufacturing stage to be compatible with high-power applications – without compromising the space requirements of the end product.

Sounds like an all-around great power unit for your appliances, devices, tools, or vehicles? Limodish sets out to supply high-efficiency, rechargeable lithium batteries for sale . Our cells come as spot-welded, screwed, and individual units with up to 17,000mAh capacity. They fit into standard battery slots for daily and commercially demanding applications.

Li-ion cells wired for versatility

A single battery that can be used for a portable power storage unit and an electric vehicle is a rare find. But Limodish cells are indeed this versatile. Using patented design solutions, they are equally effective for small-sized, energy-efficient electronic products high-power applications, such as robotic equipment, e-vehicles, forklifts, battery backup systems, and more.

What makes our lithium battery cells a recommended option for a range of products isn't only limited to Limodish patents. At the manufacturing stage, we are always determined to upend their essential characteristics, including:

  • Longevity . Cheap lithium-ion batteries carry the increased possibility of losing their capacity too quickly. However, our cells are designed for extra-long cycles protected from depletion during recharging.

  • Configurations . Spot welding and screw connection are the two most popular versions of Limodish Li-ion batteries. You can request any cell configuration that meets your product compatibility, capacity, installation, and power needs.

  • No-risk applications. Our LiFePO4 cells have never been reported to be unstable or dangerous to use. No toxin exposure risk is involved after putting them in place and following the manufacturer’s guidelines for operation, recharging, and disposal.

Full-scale production

At Limodish, we are vigorously engaged in all processes it takes to create Li-ion batteries. We specialize in full-scale production, which involves lithium coating application, coiling, welding, assembly, and every step in between. Testing is another foundation of our service, meaning you can buy lithium-ion cells made, connected, and assembled to international standards.

You can select the required configuration as you learn about each cell in more detail. After taking your pick and going over a calculated quote, you can order Li-ion battery cells online and discuss shipping methods with our customer service team.

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