Outline Design

    If customers want to build and promote your brand of lithium-ion battery full production equipment, or you have mass customization needs for special applications. We will be happy to provide you with OEM and ODM services. Among them, product appearance design is a very important part. We will cooperate with your design concept or realize your designed appearance designed quickly.

   Customized products will follow a non-disclosure agreement and will not disclose any related data or relevant information without your permission. And it can not be sold and displayed to any other company, organization, or individual according to customer needs.

Customization steps:
1. The customer communicates the design concept with us or provides the relevant drawings or electronic version of the model data. Through customer requirements and implementation standards, communicate with each other the product feasibility and possible defects, and then improve it.
2. 3D print the model, confirm whether the real appearance structure, buttons, interfaces, etc. meet the customer's expectations, and then proceed to modify or finalize.
3. We will determine a small number of sets of molds, produce a small number of products and send them to customers for confirmation and test their performance.
4. Mass production, delivered to customers.
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