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LiModish will help you Choose the Right Home Energy Solution
September 23, 2022
While focusing on renewable energy sources is essential, we have to think about storing and using energy more efficiently in our homes. There are many ways to do this, from simple changes like turning off lights when we leave a room to more complex solutions like installing solar panels or a home battery.
Why use lithium-ion batteries instead of lead-acid batteries?
April 28, 2015
There are many different kinds of batteries on the market. Why use lithium-ion batteries instead of lead-acid batteries?
Home energy storage industry research: high growth continues due to tight traditional energy supply
March 11, 2015
Home energy storage is usually used with household photovoltaics, and the installed capacity has ushered in rapid growth. Home energy storage system, also known as battery energy storage system, its core is a rechargeable energy storage battery, usually based on lithium-ion or lead-acid battery, controlled by computers, and realizes charging and discharging under the coordination of other intelligent hardware and software cycle. The home energy storage system can usually be combined with distributed photovoltaic power generation to form a home solar energy storage system. From the user side, the home solar energy storage system can reduce the electricity bill while eliminating the adverse impact of power outages on normal life; from the grid side, the home energy storage equipment that supports unified dispatching can alleviate the power shortage during peak hours and save energy. The grid provides frequency correction.

Limodish solar and battery storage solutions

When your plans go awry because of power outages and all the joys are sunsetted, bringing energy to your place can be a lifesaver. Limodish enables everyone to be far-sighted with energy consumption. Using patented technology and the convenience of going solar, we take pride in developing lithium-ion batteries and solar battery storage systems for households, commercial facilities, and industrial spaces.

Limodish products are available in high-capacity and portable versions, app-controlled and feature-rich designs, and solar-compatible and standalone units. You can also request custom functionality and experiment with various battery pack ideas to get your perfect energy solution. The products are available for the end user and brands starting or expanding their lithium-ion battery selections.

Solar batteries for home – Undepleted energy at your disposal

Limodish Home Series products are your way to beat the darkness. They are engineered to be neatly located in any room and serve as standalone lithium-ion units or solar energy battery storage solutions. They are compatible with major solar system brands and systems while providing backup energy to power home appliances and other essentials for hours or days.

Our LiFePO4 home battery storage systems merge green technology, remote control, and remarkable designs. Installing one at home is a beautiful addition to any room. But it’s also highly functional with:

  • • Limodish app to monitor battery performance and energy consumption efficiency

  • • Custom settings for storage systems

  • • Multiple voltage options to meet all household energy needs

Batteries and backup stations for commercial uses

Limodish Commercial Series products are built to pack even more power than our battery systems for home use. These can also be custom-made for the power standards and grid requirements applicable to your area. Their capacity is their best-known and most valued feature for:

  • • Electric cargo trailers

  • • Electric bikes and other vehicles

  • • Wind and solar energy storage projects

  • • Consumer electronics and entertainment products

  • • Schools, training centers, and similar facilities

Our production and testing workshops are fully equipped to adjust the functionality of our lithium-ion batteries and backup systems for your requirements. International and local power standards can be taken into account when upgrading the design features or functions of our products. They are all custom-made and assembled here in China.

Limodish is committed to keeping your place powered and things operational. Submit an inquiry for our home energy storage batteries and other products for the end user or OEM/ODM order.