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Why use lithium-ion batteries instead of lead-acid batteries?

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Update time : 2015-04-28 15:12:46
1. Lead-acid batteries are superior to lithium batteries in terms of safety and stability. When a lithium-ion battery is discharged with a large current, it is easy to form a negative current lithium crystal. They can puncture the diaphragm, causing a short circuit and explosion. Due to the particularity of the car, the first consideration is to choose a battery with high safety and stability to cycle power. Generally speaking, the batteries used in automobiles are lead-acid batteries. After more than 2 years of use in the car battery, the capacity and discharge capacity will decrease. Generally speaking, the battery life will not exceed 4 years. Of course, lithium batteries have a longer and more durable life.
2. First, come to the area to popularize the advantages and disadvantages of these two kinds of batteries. The characteristics of lithium-ion batteries: are small in size, light weight; high in specific energy; no memory effect; small self-discharge, long storage time; long cycle use; no pollution or pollution Small; high security. For example, the standby time is long, and the radiation to the human body is small. Generally, the battery will be scrapped after one or two years. We should not use up the lithium battery. When the last little bit is left, it is best to charge it at this time. Charging will prolong the life of lithium batteries by three or four years.
3. The biggest reason is that lead-acid batteries can be used well at low temperatures! The discharge performance of lithium-ion batteries is reduced, and the power consumption is speedy at minus 10 degrees. Lead-acid batteries can still be quickly started at minus 50 degrees. Lithium batteries are difficult but challenging to do. You can understand this very well if you have a lithium battery electric car at home. Why is it that in winter, an electric car that can last 100KM can run for less than 60KM a day and feel that it is about to run out of power?

1. Depth of discharge
(1) The depth of discharge is the degree to which the discharge starts and stops during use. 100% depth refers to the full capacity released. The life of lead-acid batteries is greatly affected by the depth of discharge. The key design considerations are deep cycle use, external cycle use, or floating charge use. If the external cycle battery is used for deep cycle use, The lead-acid battery will fail quickly.
(2) Because the positive active material lead dioxide is not firmly bonded to each other, the lead sulfate is generated during discharge, and it returns to lead dioxide when charged. The molar volume of lead sulfate is more significant than lead oxide, and the volume of active material expands during discharge.
(3) If one mole of lead oxide is converted into one mole of lead sulfate, the volume will increase by 95%. In this way, the repeated shrinkage and expansion will gradually loosen the mutual bonding between the lead dioxide particles, which is easy to fall off. If only 20% of the active material of one mole of lead dioxide is discharged, the degree of shrinkage and expansion will be greatly reduced, and the destruction of binding force will be slow. Therefore, the deeper the depth of discharge, the shorter the cycle life.
2. Overcharge degree
A large amount of gas is precipitated during overcharging. At this time, the active material of the positive plate is subjected to the impact of gas, which will promote the fall off of the active material; The application period is shortened.
3. The influence of temperature
(1) The life of lead-acid batteries increases with temperature. Between 10°C and 35°C, for every 1°C increase, about 5 to 6 cycles are added. Between 35°C and 45°C, each 1°C increase can prolong the life for more than 25 cycles. The negative electrode sulfidation capacity is lost, and the life is reduced.
(2) The battery life increases with the increase of temperature within a certain temperature range because the capacity increases. If the discharge capacity remains unchanged, the depth of discharge decreases when the temperature increases and the solid life is extended.
4. The effect of sulfuric acid concentration
The increase of acid density is beneficial to the capacity of the positive plate, but the self-discharge of the battery increases, the corrosion of the grid also accelerates, and it also promotes the looseness and shedding of lead dioxide. With the increase of acid density in the battery, the cycle life decreases.
5. Influence of discharge current density
As the discharge current density increases, the battery's life decreases because the high current density and high acid concentration promote the positive electrode's loose and detached lead dioxide.
1. If the battery is not cleaned in time, it will easily affect the service life and power-on effect of the battery. Simply put, a battery is an electrochemical device that converts chemical energy into electrical energy. Cleaning the battery is essential to maintain the regular operation of the battery. The oxidation reaction is easy to occur between the pole and the clip of this kind of battery, and even the metal parts of the clip can be rotted in severe cases.
2. More attention should be paid to the regular cleaning work for ordinary lead-acid batteries. Check whether the pole and the chuck are connected tightly, whether there is any corrosion and burning, whether the exhaust hole is blocked and whether the electrolyte is reduced. If any problems are found, they should be dealt with in time. When starting the car, the time for each start should not exceed 3 to 5 seconds, and the interval between restarts should not be less than 10 seconds.
3. If the car is not used for a long time, the car should be fully charged first. At the same time, start the car every other month and keep it running at medium speed for about 20 minutes. Otherwise, it won't be easy to start if it is left for too long. The general maintenance-free battery should also check the working condition frequently and replace in time if there is any problem.
4. Maintenance-free battery, which most cars have begun to use now; this battery does not need to add distilled water; the terminal will not corrode, has less self-discharge, and long life. However, if it is not checked in time, the battery owner will not know when it reaches its end of life, which will also affect the regular operation of the car.

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